• Thu. May 6th, 2021

MC Cable 12-2 VS UFB Underground Cable


Dec 23, 2020

MC and UFB are each sorts of 12-2 electrical wire used within the constructing trade for properties and buildings. They assist distribute energy all through the home from field to energy, lighting, management and sign circuits. MC stands for Metallic Clad and UFB stands for Underground Feeder and there are only some slight variations between the 2.

First, MC cable 12-2 is utilized in a number of completely different particular functions. It was engineered as an indoor cable used to make a connection with out using conduit. Customary indoor NMB cable must be used inside conduit for indoor functions whereas MC cable has the steel clad jacket which additionally gives as conduit. In order that saves time throughout the set up course of and it is well worth the barely larger worth in comparison with NMB cable Split Wire Loom Tubing.

The second software is outdoor and in conduit. Romex® NMB cable is simply accepted for functions indoors so you will must improve to MC cable for out of doors and underground conduit functions. The extra floor wire has a inexperienced insulation accepted as THHN THWN together with the remainder of the conductors which suggests they can be utilized outdoor and in conduit. The aluminum interlocked armor is the outline for the steel clad jacket which is wrapped across the conductors.

UFB cable is engineered for use immediately underground with out conduit or raceway. It has a really sturdy PVC jacket that covers every of the conductors individually for added safety. They is even a naked copper floor wire in UFB cables with out insulation which is absolutely protected by the sturdy outer jacket. The pricing of every cable goes so as of surroundings deeming NMB cable the most cost effective, then MC cable and eventually UFB cable is the most costly.